ICO Regional Policies and Procedures

Please refer to local policy procedures


Review and Approval of Meetings, Congresses, Sponsorships and Engagement with HCPs in ICO ComOps

English-ICO-POL-BI-COMOPS-01 pdf

ICO-SOP-BI-COMOPS-01 Review and Approval of Meetings, Congresses, Sponso...pdf

ICO Regional Specific Activity Approval Brief xlsx


Intercontinental Promotional Material Guideline

ICO-SOP-MAF-04-attachment_1  docx

ICO-SOP-MAF-04-attachment_2  xlsx

ICO-SOP-MAF-04-attachment_3  docx

2018_WPD-ICOMA-004 - Process Training-voice  zip 


Fair Market Value (FMV) Guidelines for Medical Affairs Intercontinental (Regional Process)

ICO-SOP-MAF-01- Fair_Market_Value Guidelines_2.0_final pdf

ICO-SOP-MAF-04_2.2_final  pdf

ICO-SOP-MAF-01 - Appendix 1 - Consultant request form xlsx

ICO-SOP-MAF-01 - Appendix 2 - FMV worksheet xlsx

Fair_market_value_training_2018_10 zip